Create Your Own Swim-Up Bar, Hotel Three Sixty

Create Your Own Swim-Up Bar

A gin and tonic is a classic, refreshing cocktail. Hotel Three Sixty created its version that combines the botanical notes of gin with fresh fruits – perfect for enjoying poolside.

“We blend the gin with a strawberry cream for a silky softness that harmoniously blends with the robustness of the gin, paired with fresh blackberry compote that adds a layer of depth with nuances of sweetness and acidity. We top it off with fresh red strawberries for an additional freshness and tropical presentation. Taking a dip in the pool is refreshing on its own, so pairing it with a flavorful and refreshing cocktail takes the experience to another level,” says Jefferson Lobo Vásquez, bartender at Hotel Three Sixty. The refreshing cocktail (pictured above) includes Gin Meridor, Strawberry, Créme á la Fraise des Bois liqueur, tonic water, and red berries.

Create Your Own Swim-Up Bar, Hotel Three Sixty

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