A Foodie’s Guide to Our Local Lunch Spots, Three Sixty Boutique Hotel

A Foodie’s Guide to Our Local Lunch Spots

July 23, 2020 | All Posts

Our quaint little town is gifted with numerous bistros, cafes, and delicatessens. Find some of our favorite local restaurants and stop in to taste the region. 


Chimi’s Chonga

Big burritos, street tacos, and spicy salsas all made with regional ingredients. This place never fails to impress. One of our favorites is the Loaded Carne Asada Burrito with beans, rice, guacamole, queso, lettuce, onion, and salsa all topped with their succulent carne asada. 


The Lunchbox Cafe

Going for a hike but don’t want a smushed PBJ? Stop by the Lunchbox and pick up a meal to go. They build you a delicious grown up lunchbox that will blow you away. Enjoy Turkey and Brie sandwiches, local snacks, and a homemade treat. It’s like a little charcuterie board all to-go!



Most people go to Antonio’s for a nice dinner or for a celebration, but we just can’t get enough of their incredible lunch menu. Refreshing salads, appetizing entrees, and more all with their signature flair. Sit on the patio and enjoy their Antonio’s Mojito for a perfect mid-day pick me up. 


Is your mouth watering yet? Stop on by and taste the best our town has to offer at any of these delicious local restaurants.